Hard Facts

The following fields offer a first impression of the rentability of the thread sensor by calculating your personal company usage. It is obvious that a positive effect arises if the accurancy is less than 1%. So be realistic when typing in the values.

Please fill in all fields marked with an asteriks (*) and use a decimal point instead of a comma for numbers (3.5 instead of 3,5). Then click on “Calculate”.


Arbeitstage pro Woche* Spulgeschwindigkeit in m/min* Feinheit (dtex)* Spulstunden pro Tag* Materialkosten in €/kg* Messabweichung, alt (+/- %)*
Working days per week* Spinning velocity in m/min* Yarn count (dtex)* Spinning hours per day* Material costs in €/kg* Old error of measurement (+/- %)*

Einsparung pro Spulstelle und Jahr¹ ROI² erreicht nach Rentabilität (ohne Nebeneffekte)
Savings per place and year¹ ROI² reached after Rentability (without side effects)


¹ Calculations based on a price of 320 € per Thread Sensor device. Savings can be higher by removal of measuring wheel and/or thread monitor.

² Return On Investment

Soft Facts

Beside the rentability hard facts, the thread sensor offers many more advantages.:

  • Integrated thread monitor

  • No wastage of the sensor

  • No material damage due to contact-less working principle

  • Fast and easy thread insertion (no winding around)

  • Small differences in spinning reduce effort to clear waste (e.g. Cutting, Spinning, ...)